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Stand-Up Paddleboards (SUP)

We carry Mission SUPs which means it’s easier than ever

to get out and explore the lakes and rivers.




We carry three different options: 


This one’s high-tech. The ultra-light construction method combined with the drop-stitch

core gives you the speed and stability needed when you’re looking to go the distance.

Translation:if you’re looking for quality and performance (and the need for speed),

this is your board. When you’re pushing it to the limit, try not to smile.


$150/weekend (three full days)



An added layer of thickness brings more stability to your next paddle, but you

don’t need to be zen master to enjoy it. Why not bring your dog? Or pack an extra cooler? Sure, you could practice your standing warrior, but you could also bring a date long.

You know, to enjoy the zen. 


$150/weekend (three full days)



Built for maximum fun, you’re out of excuses with this one. The dual-layer construction

delivers twice as much material on every surface for doubled-up durability.

So, whether you’re looking for a killer full-body workout or just a more active time

on the lake, this is your starting point. Let’s go!!


$150/weekend (three full days)


All rental fees (within 7 days) can be applied to the purchase of your own

Mission SUP at MilltownPowersports.

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